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Nice Style!!

The drawings and animation style are both sweet. This looks like something that could be a really cool series. The humor is pretty good as well. I'm now interested in seeing what you have coming next =)

Great work bro =)

Dude, I don't feel the need to write many reviews., but what you have created here is a supurb piece of work. I like you animation style. perfect mix of tweens and FBF. The message and music also make this flash stand out. Hats off to bro, and once again, great work!!

Asteroth420 responds:

thank you for your kind words they are well appreciated considering the immense amount of work that went into this.

Best Ive seen for a long time

This flash was put together so freakishly well. The jokes were funny and the drawings were amazing. I salute you cats on a job very well done!

My only problem was that I couldn't vote 6!!

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Awesome Game!

This game is so fucking awesome! I can't belive that it's all in actionscript, and that it is only 10Kb. This alone raises the score by a lot, because you arent relying on huge graphics or snazzy sounds to carry the game, it's all in the code! It's also nice because you don't have to wait 3 minutes to start playing (like some of those tetris clones I've seen in the portal lately).

This game is simple, non-glitchy, pleasing to the eyes, and so very compact. Hats off to you Denvish =)

Denvish responds:

Thank you =D

Seen it on flashkit

This is actually by Nick Kouvaris, and it's on flashkit under the name "blocks". It's open source, but you removed the site link (what nick said NOT to do).

I'm usually not a fan of this type of stuff..

But I'll hand it to you, you put it together very well. Also, Bravo on the fight club tracks. Thumbs up!


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